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I have been sharing articles and very light blogging for several years. Please note that I have not updated the content since the change of site, so some posts may be out dated or with errors…

Esxence Milan 2016 The Art of Perfumery Event- Thanks Fragantica

Milan 2016 – Esxence  The Art Perfumery’s Event Upon my arrival in the The Mall in Milan, I was overwhelmed of the sheer quantity of brands that I knew little of! I wondered around thinking, what has happened to the small niche luxury market? So much in such a short period of time. According to…


Pure Oud Pure Luxury

I am so excited to share that I am helping to launch a very special brand called Fragrance du Bois in Paris on the 29th February. Fragrance Du Bois is a brand that comes from nature, crafted by French perfumers to create the most fabulous fragrances all using 100% pure and biological Oud harvested from…


Is Unisex not Gender Free?

It seems that Coty is launching its new gender-free fragrance under the Calvin Klein brand as it looks to target the millennial generation with a minimalist design and dual-faceted scent. According to Executive Vice President Camillo Pane, the ck2 fragrance is “a new gender-free fragrance that celebrates the endless possibilities of modern connections between two…


Lost Nose

Loosing My Nose in The Nose boutique in Paris while choosing to find a new perfume fragrance for myself.