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I have been sharing articles and very light blogging for several years. Please note that I have not updated the content since the change of site, so some posts may be out dated or with errors…


Looking for a job is a full-time job these days. It becomes very frustrating. Job descriptions today are long, very detailed, they really want a lot of qualifications and competencies for each position. You scout the internet, see a position that you feel you may fit, and you start the work. Modifying the CV to…


Vice-President Fondation Artists-Way

I am delighted to accept the position  of  Vice-President on the Board of  The Fondation Artists-Way, and join a team of Art enthusiasts to promote artists in Switzerland. I hope to bring my energy and networking contacts to establish partnerships for the Foundation here in Switzerland and internationally. Clic for more information


My dearest Mama passed away in my arms the 22 October 2016. She died after living valiantly with cancer for over 6 years. I miss her alot. I miss our skype conversations. I miss her force to be always positive even when things were difficult. I miss her energy to bring out the best of…



Watching Emilie TEDx talk, made me feel assured. For many years I have been searching to know who am I. I have always known, but how to express to others who you are is not an easy task amongst all the specialists. I am a MULTIPOTENTIALITE Over the years I come to realise that I…


Public Speaking

My First TEDx Speech in 2013. I was very honoured to do my first TEDX Speech in Geneva 2013 for TEDx GENEVA WOMEN. It was held at the HEID in Geneva and I would like to thank everyone for all their kind help and technical help of getting this video edited and published. I would…