Milan 2016 – Esxence  The Art Perfumery’s Event

Upon my arrival in the The Mall in Milan, I was overwhelmed of the sheer quantity of brands that I knew little of! I wondered around thinking, what has happened to the small niche luxury market? So much in such a short period of time. According to the Illustrious Michael Edwards of Fragrances of the Worlds there were 874 new launches in the Artisan category, out of 2116 new perfumes launched in 2015.  That is alot of new fragrances!

Imagine wearing 2-3 new perfumes each day for a whole year!

The main question is how to find them, and how to discover what they are all about.

If you are lucky to come to Milan, you can wander through The Mall and discover each one- is your nose ready for this challenge? But discovering each olfactory story takes time, a luxury that is not available to all.

Luckily we have some great writers from Fragantica that are describing their discoveries: here are some great reads. Thank you Elena and your fabulous team!

Experiencing Esxence: Miguel’s Findings, Miguel Matos

ESXENCE: The Way We Smell Fragrances, Elena Knezevic

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Arnaud Poulain of Les Eaux Primordiales: Inspired by Jules Verne, Sergey Borisov

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ESXENCE: Aldhéyx by LM Parfums: Call Me Pure, Juliett Ptoyan

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Fragrant Jewels: A Look at New Ways to Wear Scent, Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison

From Perfumer’s Workshop to Amouroud: Mainstream, Niche and the Discovery of Oud – Interview With Donald Bauchner, Miguel Matos

ESXENCE:  Survivor of the Death Desert – an Interview with Stephane Humbert Lucas, Sergey Borisov

ESXENCE 2016 – In Oriental Style! Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

ESXENCE 2016: Chaugan Terre de Perse Fleur de Pavot, Sandra Raicevic Petrovic

ESXENCE: Citruses Strike Back, Sergey Borisov

Two Wonders From The Spirit of Dubai: Fakhama and Majalis, Miguel Matos