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I have been sharing articles and very light blogging for several years. Please note that I have not updated the content since the change of site, so some posts may be out dated or with errors…

The Added Value of an Independent Board Executive

When I bought my company, I knew that having just Mr and Madame on the Board would not give the company any credibility in the local market, so I invited two independent and non-executives to join the company Board.  After the initial surprise, they wondered what could they bring to the company, without really being…


Vice-President Fondation Artists-Way

I am delighted to accept the position  of  Vice-President on the Board of  The Fondation Artists-Way, and join a team of Art enthusiasts to promote artists in Switzerland. I hope to bring my energy and networking contacts to establish partnerships for the Foundation here in Switzerland and internationally. Clic for more information

10 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Board

  There is growing recognition of the importance of the role of the Board, both in driving performance and keeping the organisation safe and legal.  Boards are putting more effort into checking out potential new directors before bringing them into… Source: And remember you can say No to the position too! See on…


9 Things Successful People Won’t Do

My last post, How Successful People Stay Calm, really struck a nerve (it’s already approaching 1.5 million reads here on LinkedIn). The trick is that managing your emotions is as much about what you Source: See on – Finding Oneself