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My dearest Mama passed away in my arms the 22 October 2016.
She died after living valiantly with cancer for over 6 years.

I miss her alot.
I miss our skype conversations.
I miss her force to be always positive even when things were difficult.
I miss her energy to bring out the best of each one.
I miss her inspiration to make each moment a special one.
Mi mamaica Te quiero.

We made a beautiful funeral service in GB, and released a dove to remember her flight, in December we will honour her life with the Spanish family.
A dedicated photo album that shows what a wonderful lady she was

She died fighting Cancer and we have created a fund to help all those
please donate to help fight this disease that we are all touched in some way or another.

My father shared a poem, that he adapted:

Here lies a most beautiful Lady,
Light of step and heart was she;
I think she was the most beautiful lady
that ever came to this West Country.

But beauty vanishes; beauty passes;
However rare – rare it be;
And thought I’ll crumble, you will remember
This lady from the West Country.

From an Obituary by Walter de la Mare,
slightly adapted by Desmond Gailey 2016