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So many are writing articles about new year’s resolutions, making this next year the year for success, changing habits, moving forward…. Doing. Doing. Doing! ™


But what if?

What if when no one is watching you… what are you really doing? In fact, Congruency is what shapes your character! So instead of just setting resolutions why not set a real plan with a vision and set the steps to act, and then write it down.

There is nothing better than looking at your plan from afar, every day, just to remind yourself. Why not even put it on the back of your bathroom door! You see, we all need small reminders. And to see your goals everyday is just a gentle reminder! Because we often get lost in the “brouhaha” of everyday life. You can even set those notifications on your phone. In fact, setting them up to give you a little reminder, a little push every day is just wonderful! I love it when my phone pings! And it says “Helen you are amazing, what has been great about this morning? Let’s celebrate with a …!

You see I have ADHD and I can kind of loose focus, get distracted, and suddenly that ping on the phone! Well, it brings me back to who I am.

I wanted to share with you 9 philosophies to help you move forward in your goals for 2023. And remember that you could do this  assessment not only at the beginning of the year, but every 3 months.


  1. Wish for bigger problems!

    Yes, that is right I said bigger problems, Crazy? No because bigger problems will bring bigger results! So, get resourceful and tackle the mighty, the results will be there too!

  2. Take ownership of everything that you do!

    Because that is right… NO ONE and I say it again, NO ONE will come to save YOU! Do not take the permission of anyone else for you and yourself.

  3. Take an example… WHO will you learn from?

    I heard recently that “BAD ADVICE” is the most expensive advice! Many of us, take unqualified advice from unqualified people: be that friends or family. So ask yourself would you allow a Learner driver pilot your beautiful car? Spend time with those that elevate you and give you better health, better relationships, better career, and Your life WILL change. Ask yourself who will be in your Proximity this year?

  4. Serve greater. Serve more, give all out!

    You must give more to others, serving your customers that extra little inch, serve others give to your relationships, because if you are only looking for a financial return, there will be little real implication because there is no emotion. When you emotionally involve… those that surround you will want to contribute also.

  5. Be Bold, be Brave, and Be courageous.

    Yes it is not always easy, but what has that hesitation given you or cost you in the past? Try & Fail.

    Try and Fail,

    Try and Fail, again and again. If you hesitate and do nothing…. Well, nothing happens, but trying, learning, failing, learning, trying… you will get to the finish line.

  6. Focus on solutions in 2023.

    Have you hear of the saying about “there is no point crying over spilt milk”, or No point shutting the stable door once the horse has bolted” What am I trying to say? That yes, you can accuse that the glass was unstable, or the carpet had a bump, or you slipped your hand, or it was the fault of… but best thing is to get a cloth and wipe up the milk! Or go find the horse! So stop complaining about who did what and Focus on Fixing the problem! Failure will help you to be stronger.

  1. The little things are the big things!

    Obviously seeing a big mountain ahead can be frightening, but seeing small actions, taking step by step…. That is how suddenly you are already halfway up! So set yourself the small reachable goals for 2022 and give them consistency!

  2. Another point that give good vibes, is to be generous.

    Help others even if you are also in need. When you dedicate your rime to help others… the gift of giving…. Selflessly helping others, well, that brings good energy to you, and good things will also come your way.

  3. WHAT do I need to do to achieve my goal

    Lastly stop asking “how” am I going to…. But rather what do I need? Sometimes, it is useful to be guided when we are in the dark! So find a mentor, a coach, and friend, to elevate you, guide you to your destination,


Now that the basics are laid clear, what foundations do you really need to reach lasting success?
Well imagine, A  here you are…. And B here is where you want to be! Think what are the steps that can get you there and WHY do you want to really reach that goal.

SO, the 4 steps are simple:

  1. Look backwards at 2022.

    Not with a sense of regret but simply write down the missed opportunities, what were the mistakes that you made. Careful, do not beat yourself up about this. Write them down, ask yourself what went wrong? Why did I do that?
    You see it is very easy to say that you know where you want to go! But you need to truly understand where you come from. What have you learned from these mistakes? Because once and only you understand, you can learn to SHIFT them!


  1. Celebrate by listing all your achievements in 2022!

    Write them down! List al those good things…. Sometimes you can look at your photo albums and see, laugh about certain moments that you may have forgotten! Ask yourself, how can I do more of the same? How can I do more and compound that feeling of achievement? How can you multiply those successes? You see we often forget to celebrate and share our successes. This year I managed in 10 days to organise a fantastic Team building event for 50 participants creating a perfume and discovering Belbin Team roles and learning to pitch! ! I am very proud of what I accomplished. Yet I have shared with no one (until now! lol) so how should I multiply such an event? …. That will be another topic!


  1. What stories have held you back?

    You see we all have our own stories, stories that hold us back from moving forward. What thought patterns do you hold within, that stop you from moving forward? “ I am too old!”, “ I am this”, “my husband thinks that…”, “I have always lost, so…”  That story that you tell yourself over and over again, in the back of your mind… is costing you your inaction! Our next level of life comes from overcoming that uncomfortable action!


  1. Create a New Story!

    Simply convert the old story into a new one for 2023. You see you might have a bridge that you have crossed, and you can serve others by sharing that story! In fact you may be doing a disservice if you do not share your knowledge. Your journey is THE service to others! Be resourceful. Be sincere, it is a gift, your passion, and that will inspire others. It will become the wind in your sail.


So be honest with yourself….  As you contemplate your year… and seek your true GOALs, be honest and use your emotions. Emotions!
Why are you truly wanting to get to your goals.  Emotions are the strongest of the will. There is a wonderful exercise that I learnt from a very well known Coach, that is the exercise of the 7 level Deep. You can download a free copy here in English! 

Si vous préférez en Français, Téléchargez l’outil de Clarté en FRANÇAIS


Finally, once you have taken the time to do this work with yourself. Find your Mantra. What is your call for 2023?


For me Helen, In 2023 I will share my amazing energy and resources and I will soon be offering a 4 week Free course… coming soon, so if not now when?