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My First TEDx Speech in 2013.

I was very honoured to do my first TEDX Speech in Geneva 2013 for TEDx GENEVA WOMEN.
It was held at the HEID in Geneva and I would like to thank everyone for all their kind help and technical help of getting this video edited and published.

I would also like to personally thank Florence Dambricourt for connecting with me via Linkedin and inviting me to participate. The theme was SHE CAN DO IT! and although I was not sure what to say and how, Florence guided me through and encouraged me to say what I felt.

I am sure I can improve the content, and yes I must admit I am was nervous and intimidated, but once on stage I really enjoyed it. I am a natural speaker who is confortable in public light. I need to know what I am talking about and certainly I can share passion.

I do plan to do another one, and and starting to source ideas, beacuse the content must be CAPTIVATING. Look forward to telling you when next!