Thermo Cape SA
Making a Website for an Artisan Blacksmith

Meeting the artisan of Thermo Cape SA was an fabulous moment.

This is the story of how a meeting with a local artisan blacksmith, became a project to create a website that truely reflected the artist and his work.

During the 2020 lockdown, while stretching my legs in my area, I met an artisan black smith passionate about his work. A true artist, who worked long days to satisfy his clients. We chatted and became aquainted. And like most artisans, he did not have a website nor did he own his own domaine name, he was still using the email from his phone supplier. He did have some social media accounts… but his time was working his projects all so diverse, to the satisfaction of his clients. So after spending a little bit of time, we discussed possibilities, I shared ideas, and as I grew to understand him and his passion, he gave me the opportunity to build his website that would reflect his work.

  • Client: Thermo Cape SA
  • Category: Artisan Blacksmith
  • Date: Novembre 2020

Some pictures & logos of the project

We first started by defining the logo, colours and fonts…. and what was important for him. As an artist he had a fine eye for detail and knew what he wanted. For his work he used a designer program for the exact designs of his projects, but I had to have his logo redone, by an graphic designer… so that I could use.
The domaine name was available, so I set to work getting a wordpress website up to reflect his work.

We spent time making photos…imagining backgrounds, organising his projects and getting the texts as he wanted.

I brought the marketing ideas, told him what we needed, and he would send me back ideas, and take pictures of his work. Metal waste from his bins, the reflection of the sun as he painted, or soldered… all was good to bring his site to life.

Once the site completed, I gave over the management of the site, and today, he can manage the site on his own. I remain availble to help in case of any problems, offering a small maintenance contract, and any light support. But in no way is the client obliged to continue, and I am happy to train any of his employees as he grows.

Benefits of working with Helen for your Website

  • The client is the owner & manager of his site
  • Trusted relationship
  • A true reflection of the company owner.
  • Full support when and if needed
  • All Social Media platforms integrated.
A home page that is unique to the client
Editing the facebook page to be coherent with the site and images.
Editing a video to include the logo and signature.

Today we remain friends!
Thank you dear Blacksmith for trusting me with your website.

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