2020 Christmas Market for Local Artisans

I would like to thank all the visitors to the Christmas market for coming and spending your money with us!
Thank you also to all the artisans that allowed us to show and display their work. Keep up, we will re-do in Spring a Easter market!


Thanks to your help we have supported these two Associations.

We are happy to say that we raised some funds for the launch of the Association Good For My Planet, a new association that aims to unite small actions to save our planet.
And we have also planted 5 more trees in the Amazon with our partner Aquaverde Association.

Thank you.

Christmas Market

Local Artisans

These are the brands that we were selling.
Some artisans are happy to leave us some stock still until the new year, so we still have some perfumes and perfumed candles available on a RDV basis, just call Helen.

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    il Salernitano

    Italian food anitpasti….

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    Domaine La Passion

    Vins locaux du Domaine La Passion de Luins,

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    Chocolats Rapp

    Les chocolats Rapp sont de la region et on les trouve aux marché de Gland.

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    Artisan Beer

    Local artisanal beers produced in Gland, winners of the Gland New Economy Prize 2020.

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    Emmanuel Levain Perfumed Candles

    Perfumed candles, in beautiful black glass pots, over 100h
    Emmanuel Levains famous mint sanitizer 500ml and small 50ml for the pocket!
    House fragrances oils in cristal pots!

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    Arieh Lewertoff Artist

    Small wooden sculptures from Arieh Lewertoff artist, recycling old metal pieces !

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    Zephire Scarves

    Silk scarves, hand made by migrants in Switzerland

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    Lau Design

    Silver and Gold jewellery hand made by Laurence artisan and founder of Lau Design.

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    Unlike Another

    Recycling old clothes into new and useful products, pouches, Christmas stockings, face cleaners, cotton bags…

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    Esprit Boheme Cosmetics

    Natural Cosmetics made here in the region.