I recently attended IMD to participate in an extraordinary course of Leadership. I was fortunate to have won the Career Woman’s Forum/IMD Award and I thank them for choosing my project. I will of course share this project.

This past week has been very moving from many points of view. Firstly because I had the privilege of working and meeting some wonderful women. Secondly because I discovered many aspects of myself, both positive and negative. And thirdly it has given me much motivation and energy to start the path of my enlightenment both professionally and personally.

You see I am an Entrepreneur. I have a lot of passion and energy, giving to others in many directions, but no clear way for myself. So I thought that starting a blog would help me to find ME and on this road it would allow me to share this journey with others.

Networking is an important social issue, talked about by many. I am working on my network, and so I thought it would be interesting to share my Linkedin Map and see how it will evolve over this journey, so here it is!