Feeling Good

Yesterday, admist the Tuscany hills, in the medievil village of Montecarlo, I had the overwhelming experience of singing to family, friends and fellow maestros. The precious moment was shared with a great pianist Paul Lay. Although I did not find the courage to sing with all my heart, I managed to keep the notes and complete the song, written by my Italian friend writer, composer and producer JJ Busino. My timid first performance was greeted with congratulations, advice and smiles. So many years I have done public speaking, feeling the tension and the nerves, but strong and steadfast. Singing is a whole new ball game, an moment of vunerability, exposure.
Music is such a wonder to hear and experience. This music festival of Maestros and Bambinis, organised by dear Béatrice Martin every two years is a great accomplishment. Children are inspired and adults are cradled in music. Perhaps not a new career for myself, but certainly a pleasure to learn evolve and learn to control, a voice to tame and perhaps share again with the passion that I enjoy each day.

Photo by my friend in Barcelona – Lidia Mombiela, Thank you