It was a great course on how to present myself and to speak in public. Helen is a very energetic trainer and has a lot to give to her students.

Kristin Hall

Helen’s course ‘DRIVER – The Speaker’s Vehicle’ is one of the most interesting courses I have ever attended. I have learnt a lot about giving presentations in a specific way, why it is important to stand in a certain way (power pose), why it is important to do exercises with your voice before presenting and why it is crucial to hold a speech in a certain way. Apart from the technical part, I also got insights into the psychological and theoretical background of grabbing the attention of the audience and why it is important to learn about the client’s wants and needs beforehand. Helen is a very energetic, trustworthy and competent tutor, who shared lots of valuable information in her course. If you would like to get a great overview about how to make presentations in front of a huge audience, Helen’s course is the best for you.

Sarolta Bolla

You will get fast and clear guidance to get you moving the very next day after you have finished the course!

Andreea Sas

The course is a very good guide for people who know how important a good presentation is. Speaking is natural for everyone, but to speak and achieve the desired effect is an art. Helen Gailey, who helps to structure the process, will guide you through this journey. And her energy will definitely encourage you to take action. Definitely worth trying out.

Katrin Sander-Tóth

I can totally recommend the course, the instructor has a profound knowledge and explains everything so nicely, I feel much more confident and can only thank you.

Heike Lee

A great and hands on practical course. Here you will not only learn the concepts but actually will be able to apply the strategies, tips and actions immediately. I would highly recommend this course who is looking to build more confidence and actually show up in the world via presence and spoken word 🙂 Excellent course with fantastic energy of you!

Rose Blossom