I used an equivalent Chat GPT to write this… Did I cheat? Well it was certainly easy, I just put in a couple of questions, and pressed SEND, didn’t like the first text, so pressed SEND again, and hey BINGO, an article about what are the qualities you need to be a good public speaker.

Everyone was talking about it, and so I wanted to try the famous ChatGPT, so I asked an app to write me an article about public speaking, (https://smodin.io/writer) and what are the main qualities one needs to speak in public. Why that subject, well, as I have just launched my first online free course about public speaking, I was hoping to get some extra insights! I got this text in return see below. Honestly it is bland, I feels that it is missing a soul and does not reflect neither my (familiar) style, nor really give me any important information that I did not know! It is an article that when you finish reading you say… and? so what? nothing new!

Public speaking is all about sharing your passion authentically to bring a real interaction with the audience and demonstrate your authority in the content that you are sharing. My course is called DRIVER – The Distinctive Speakers Vehicle, because I put the participants in the Driving SEAT to lead their speech, be it a business pitch or a talk, or asking a question in a conference or a meeting. S= State, E=Expression, A=Advise, T=Transmit!

But hey if you are interested to join my next session you can sign up to my wait list. https://helengailey.com/driver

Ok lets come back to the AI text, there is nothing wrong with what it says, and I got also the list of references which is also good…. but I feel it is like eating a tomato in winter… no taste!

So I will post some insights to public speaking in another article and let you decide what you think! I do not see any structure to the writing, there is no opening arguement, no follow through and I am waiting for the conclusion… it has just thrown phrases out. So I am happy to say that despite me not being an excellent writer, my style brings my personality to the context of my words.

With sunshine I will share some of my tips for public speaking in the next few weeks! Enjoy the read, and do share your comments!

How to Speak and Present Effectively – written by aapp

Speaking is an art form that gets many creative ideas out of people’s heads and onto paper. Many successful people learned their craft by listening to the words other people used. They also learned to organize their thoughts so others could easily understand them. Strongly developed speaking skills can move the world forward in both creative and technological ways.

Most successful speakers understand how to plan out what they’re going to say. They do this by using a body outline or some other pre-written text. This makes it easier for them to organize their thoughts and avoid repetition. It also keeps them from getting lost mid-speech without a safety margin. Plus, it helps them avoid interruptions by keeping their eyes on the audience rather than on the written text. Focused speaking is essential to success on the speaking circuit, and anyone can learn how to be more organized by doing this.

Many speakers learn to keep their speech interesting by changing the topics they cover. This way audiences will constantly be engaged and won’t be bored while they listen. They do this through anecdotes, personal experiences and other related materials. A well-told story or an engaging anecdote keeps listeners engaged and focused on your words while you speak. An interesting story also helps you stand out from other speakers when you have limited time to speak. Plus, keeping your audience interested keeps them engaged with you and your speech, which leads to better results for both of you.

An easy way to keep your audience interested is to address questions and concerns they may have prior to your speech. Doing so has several benefits. Firstly, it shows you’re willing of questions and concerns from your audience. It also shows that you’re willing of thorough and organized in your response when handling questions. Plus, addressing questions early on in your speech prepares you for any interruptions that may happen during your speech. You should always have a plan for handling these issues when possible; otherwise, things can get awkward for everyone involved.

Your speaking skills are extremely powerful if used correctly. Focused speaking helps you communicate with clarity and organization. Keeping your audience interested ensures they stay engaged with your words and ideas. And anticipating questions ahead of time lets you address them clearly and efficiently in your speech material. No one succeeds without strong body language, presence and language skills!

SO Do not hesitate to give me your feedback and share your experiences of AI writers!