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Download - The Clarity Roadmap


Download for FREE the Clarity Roadmap that will help you centre your goals and carry out the fascinating exercise of The 7 Deep Thought Process to find your true Purpose in life.


Download for Free The Clarity Roadmap

My Clarity Roadmap is a set of exercises to start the process of getting into the right frame of mind for implementing The R.E.C.O.V.E.R.Y. Mindset Motivator™ to move from a crisis to Rebuild Your Business.
 Start Your journey in seeking Clarity with this Free Tool !

10 Sessions of 60 mins

Take Helen on as your Business & Accountability Coach

10 One-to-One Sessions of 1 hour

Do you need someone to share your ideas, clarify your thoughts? Are you looking to feel supported as an entrepreneur?
2500 CHF for 10 sessions to be used in 14 weeks.

Book 10 One-to-One sessions with Helen

How Would You Like To Be Held By Your Hand with your Business and have a accountability Coach to support you!

By taking on Helen as your Coach, you will gain regular support and have someone to account for your progress. These sessions are free standing so together we set the Goals & Objectives from the start and the time line is agreed upon. (Languages possible: FR, EN, SP)


The Modern Transformation Platform to scale your knowledge and coaching business.

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30 Day Digital Challenge

Learn how to grow your business every step of the way!

Learn how to Grow your digital Business

With this 30 day challenge, get your online business et up and mastered in 30 days!

Start Your Online Journey with 30 Day Challenge

How Would You Like To Be Held By Your Hand As You LAUNCH YOUR FIRST Online Business or Grow Your Existing one online... the correct way!

In the One Funnel Away Challenge, you’ll get all the insights and training you need to build a thriving sales funnel that collects cash and customers… and funds the business and life you want to live.


Speaker Engagements

Telling a story with passion

Motivational speech for leaders and adolescents to inspire that life is wonderful, and be the future leaders for tomorrow!

Speaking Engagements

Helen will animate your stage and bring life, and laughter while transmitting a powerful message.

Speaking engagement… world wide stages. Please book a call for more information